My Goals for Change MOOC

I’m very excited to start taking the Change MOOC course. And I’ve come up with a list of personal goals. Here they are:

  • Learn how MOOCs are run.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of learning through MOOCs.
  • Metacognitively observe my feelings, experiences, joys, and frustrations in taking a MOOC.
  • Explore chaos and learning.
  • Explore connectivist theory and how it is applied through MOOCs.
  • Explore the benefits that MOOCs can bring to organizations.
  • Explore if organizations are ready to run MOOCs to develop communities.
  • Explore if MOOCs can be used by organizations as a part of their social media marketing strategy.
  • Explore the question – Are MOOCs a solution to India’s huge learning needs?
  • Last but not the least, to explore one new topic a week as Change MOOC progresses.

Phew that’s a lot to learn and explore! It’s empowering to be able to write your own objectives and to be able to follow your heart. However, I do think that it would require a strong drive and persistence to be able to follow through all of these and to maintain a steady pace of action.

Looking forward to a great 35 weeks. :-)  #change11


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