My Goals for Change MOOC

I’m very excited to start taking the Change MOOC course. And I’ve come up with a list of personal goals. Here they are:

  • Learn how MOOCs are run.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of learning through MOOCs.
  • Metacognitively observe my feelings, experiences, joys, and frustrations in taking a MOOC.
  • Explore chaos and learning.
  • Explore connectivist theory and how it is applied through MOOCs.
  • Explore the benefits that MOOCs can bring to organizations.
  • Explore if organizations are ready to run MOOCs to develop communities.
  • Explore if MOOCs can be used by organizations as a part of their social media marketing strategy.
  • Explore the question – Are MOOCs a solution to India’s huge learning needs?
  • Last but not the least, to explore one new topic a week as Change MOOC progresses.

Phew that’s a lot to learn and explore! It’s empowering to be able to write your own objectives and to be able to follow your heart. However, I do think that it would require a strong drive and persistence to be able to follow through all of these and to maintain a steady pace of action.

Looking forward to a great 35 weeks. :-)  #change11



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4 responses to “My Goals for Change MOOC

  1. And already, I can see that my objectives will evolve rapidly. Expanding my personal learning network is another objective that I would add to that list.

  2. Ajay Gupta

    “Explore if MOOCs can be used by organizations as a part of their social media marketing strategy to educate customers about their products.” Very interesting! Would want to know your thoughts and observations on this.

  3. @ajay: In the process of engaging their customers, organizations can take up the task of educating them in a related field. for example, a food products company can engage their customers through a MOOC on “healthy eating and living”, or a financial consulting firm could educate their customers about “personal financial planning” through a MOOC. this will help them “grow” and “maintain” a network of highly involved consumers. although i think, this in spirit, doesn’t go with the altruistic purpose of educational MOOCs, it would still be worth an experiment to relate MOOCing with social media based marketing. what do you think? #change11

    • Ajay Gupta

      There is a huge potential to this idea. I see it as an extension to the content based marketing strategy that an organization may already have. In fact a whole lot of content for the MOOC could come from a mashup of internal training resources, blogs, newsletters, journals etc. Content an organization already has. Imagine if 5000 people sign-up for a course run by an organization on a theme associated with its product line. Wow! Isn’t the engagement of those participants deeper than followers on sat Facebook!

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